Social Media: Terrible Social Media Advice You Must Ignore

Here are some mistakes that perhaps a social media agency or social media company will have you believe.

You must have a presence on every network

Of course you don’t have to, particularly if you have few resources, and not much time. Educate yourself about the audience on different networks, and focus only on the ones relevant to your company. Explore the new networks that continually keep popping up, but let go if they are not right for you. To start with, use the ones that continue to produce results such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Focus on Twitter

You can choose Facebook or LinkedIn as easily. Keep your focus on the ones that work for you, because there is not one specific media site that can be considered the Holy Grail. Find out where your audiences usually hang out.

You won’t need email

No one has stopped using email, and most people actually prefer emails to communicate with each other instead of social posts. Even to create an account at a social media site, you have to provide your email address.

Social media can be considered equal to SEO

It is good for buzz words and for reaching new customers, but it has not replaced SEO. The two strategies perform better when they work together as social media can be considered to be a supplementary channel.

You have the option to automate your updates

Automation does help, but people on social media can identify auto posting. The reality is that social media is about people interacting with other people. When you automate every update, people get put off.

Including popular hashtags in tweets gets you increased exposure

Hashtags are used to be a good way to categorise tweets, but if you use topic related hashtags, you communicate that you are a newbie at Twitter trying to trick the system and your audience.

Your prospective clients are not on visible

Everyone is on social media, in fact 69% adults use this media according to research by Pew Research Center. Look at the any network’s advertising platform and see which platform is suitable for your potential targeted customers.

More publishing on more sites

Just having an account at every network and using the same content meaninglessly everywhere will not work. You do need more content, but it has to be of good quality.

You should outsource all your needs

The style of conversations, your expertise and the challenges of your industry are things only you know about. If you assign just anyone to talk to your customers, things can go terribly wrong for your organization.

Ban if for staff members

This is quite a futile activity. If you block access to social networking sites on computers, they can use their smartphones, or they can get on these sites from home. They will simply make fake profiles so that you don’t find out. Instead, give your staff specific guidelines for sensible usage.

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