6 Essential Considerations For Enterprise Mobile App Development

Have you decided to develop a mobile application? But do you know that there are various factors that you need to consider before jumping in?

As we all have noticed that the mobile app market is on the rise from the last couple of years and it will continue to expand in the near future as well.

Today, enterprise mobile apps play very important role in a business environment. Generally, a business app is a complete package that is quite larger and complex.

These applications are mainly developed to combine with some other important tools that used by a company to run its daily operations.

Unquestionably, smartphones and tablets are improving the daily life of users as there is always an app of carrying out almost every aspect of the daily schedule. Currently, various businesses worldwide are looking forward to developing enterprise mobile apps for their own employees and customers alike.

As the enterprise app market is all set to expand significantly, there will be a wave of developers, who are waiting to claim their piece of cake. Therefore, how will you ensure that enterprise app stands unique? How will your application bring value to your business users?

Here, you can find 6 essential considerations that you need to keep in mind while making an enterprise application:

Ensure That You Build Multi-Level Verification

Today, passwords are not considered as the 100% safest and secure assurance from the spiteful activities. It would be beneficial to develop multiple level authentication as it will be helpful, where not only the passwords hold the main key.

Talking about this system, whenever the use processes for login, the application will send the code to the registered number and by entering the code, the users are allowed to access the application. This is a secure way to give an access to an application to only those users, who are authenticated.

Consider User Interface

As we all know that enterprise applications are mainly used by all the employees of the company or any organization; therefore, it is important to consider the functionality of the app. When developing an enterprise app for your employees or customers, you should consider usability as it comes first than any other things.

Usually, people make use of enterprise apps so that they can be better at their jobs and they will surely praise the app for making their complex work a lot easier. One of the main things to develop a successful enterprise app is to emphasize intuitiveness.

The easiest way to do this is using different icons because icons are an excellent foundation for developing a useful mobile UI. You can make use of it to instantly explain the functionality of the button.

You should also remember that you can manipulate hardware buttons as well. By doing this, you can add more amount of intuitiveness to your application’s navigation. In your application, you can include different kinds of intuitiveness through hardware buttons like Menu, Back and Home.

Never Depend Only on Integral Security Features

One of the essential aspects of enterprise mobile app development is the security of the app that developers need to keep in mind at high priority. Even, the safest and secured platform iOS is not even completely secured against the cyber-attacks, so there is no point to think about the Android.

However, Android is one such platform that offers a better adaptability to developers and the development platform is C++ that is less prone to the attacks. Thus, both the platforms are not completely safe, so you should take extra care of security features from your side when developing an enterprise application.

Avoiding Insecure Data Transmission

When talking about the prevention of the important data transmission, encryption is a highly important thing. More than 33% of the IT companies today are not using the encryption methods to the important information.

Being a leading and development company, it is the duty of the company to install the best encryption methods to prevent the unsafe important data transmission. Today, you can find various mobile app development companies that are providing the best safety and security in the mobile apps.

So, you make sure that you look for one such company that claims to consider security as the most important point.

Incorporating With Company’s Legacy Systems

Enormous companies are there that still run on legacy systems. It is not going to change in one single day; therefore, developers have to consider about how their enterprise applications are going to work with these outdated systems.

Companies and organizations can avoid your product as it doesn’t incorporate with the older systems that they have already invested heavily in like enterprise resource planning systems. To overcome the problem, you may want to think about using an enterprise-grade mobile backend-as-a-service solution with an API infrastructure because it will enable mobile devices to easily access legacy systems.

Delivering a Higher ROI

When mobile developers are offering a better mobile application with rich UX, they can serve a higher ROI. Investing in the mobile app development comprises time to market, the cost of update and maintenance, etc. All these costs factors are for making sure good ROI and it is only possible when an application succeed to attract both existing and prospective customers.


Before you indulge yourself in developing an enterprise mobile application, it would be essential for you to comprehend the audience that is going to use the application. No matter whether you are making enterprise mobile application for your customers or employees, you need to go with a simple interface, combining with exclusive features to meet users’ needs.

Once, you define your users and their needs, you can discuss your project with any leading enterprise mobile app development company that already has experience of developing such applications.

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Google Android Launches on 7 Inch Tablet PC

Rumors that Samsung S-pad tablet will run Google Android has gone (In fact, we’d take this with a grain of salt, since there wasn’t anything official reported). However, it seems that it’s should take a period of time before the so-called Samsung S-pad comes into the market. While Google has confirmed rumors that it will develop an Android-based tablet computer months ago, there is still no sign. However the Chinese manufactures are always full of courage and creativity that they develop the first Google Android tablet PC in the world. And then many android-based tablet PCs are born. Here goes the one.

This 7 inch tablet PC is among the first serials that has adopted Google Android operation system. Compare with those notebooks that have adopted Windows XP or Window 7, this tablet PC will save you trouble and money since Google Android is open source, which means this OS is almost totally free for user and the community will always be updating and programming for this platform. Then this will keep Google Android OS always up-to-date. This is not like that of Microsoft OS, pack too much, more than we desire and cost much, more than we can offer. Mini in size and light in weight, this tablet is really ultra-portable, the right one of so-called UMPC (ultra-mobile PC). Apart from the Google Android OS, this device boasts VIA MW8505 533MHz CPU, supporting WiFi 802.11 b/g. This processor will ensure a smooth operation. With Google Android OS, users can enjoy lots of applications provided by Google, like Google chrome, Google Maps, Google earth, Gmail, Google Talk and others including You Tube. And all these can be conveniently found and download freely in Android Market. You can get what you really need and get rid of the redundant. Be powerful and efficient, but do be simple! This is what “Google” implies!

In a word, adaptive and expandable, this 7 inch high-brightness touch screen pad is fully upgradable! It desires you consideration!

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How To Install Applications On Android Phones and Tablets

Being free and open source, Android has a lot of application developers. In fact, anyone with programming skills and curiosity can begin to develop applications. This makes thousands of applications available for android, and every day they are increasing.

What types of applications are available in Android Market?

Here you will find games and applications of two types: free and paid. Although the payment options are usually quite affordable.

How do we download applications?

We have to do it from our end. You only have to click on the icon of Android Market application on the screen of your phone or tablet.

Once we enter the Market, we can use the search engine or browse the different categories to find the application or type the name of application you want.

Google does not monitor people who upload applications. As a lot of applications are uploaded daily so you may find a few applications which are of low quality or has bugs. To filter out such applications from the market Google has adopted a grading system, where if an application has more stars the better it is. In addition, users can leave comments on the application.

The price:

As we said, not all applications are free. Price is usually displayed in the currency of the supplier. Before paying, you will see an approximate conversion to your local currency.

After selecting the application, just press the Install button or Buy now and pay accordingly. It’s that simple.

When you start Android Market, you will find the section My Downloads. From here we can manage installed applications, and if one does not meet our expectations, uninstall it with a “click”.

Android Developer:

As mentioned, anyone with minimal knowledge can develop applications for this operating system.

To program the applications, we need knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming.

From the site Android Developers can download the necessary tools to start. Basically we need the Android SDK with all necessary libraries and the emulator.

The development environment is integrated into the free platform Eclipse.

And when we have our application, we can upload it to Android Market.

According to recent survey 60% app developers on android don’t recover their invested money. So, if you are planning to outsource development of android app then make sure that it is worth investment. Also if your application is not at par with standards of Android market then it may get rejected during the approval process.

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How to Create Your Own Software For Your Niche

First I’ll tell you what kind of apps I have created with this new software creator so you can understand the types of applications you can create. My first app was just a simple Birdwatching Journal. It includes fields for Time and Date, Notes, about 8 photos can be added to each record, notes for each photo, and a few more fields for Type of bird, common name, location, etc., etc. My next software was a Travel Journal, then a dating journal, a travel agents log and trip pricer and organizer. You can see that the possibilities are endless, as long as people need to manage information, I can create it with this new software creator.

When creating my own software with this new software creator, I first must know what I want to be included in it. So to start off, I get a pen and pad and start writing down the fields I want to include. Sorta like a mind-map. I know I need to create different software objects, and in turn they will be added to my different software projects.

So my software object is where I begin, in it will be what we call editors, the editors are the fields you will include in your object. I name my object first, and edit the settings like the Navigation Text, and the caption, and the type of object. Since this is a new object, I will use the custom object so I can customize it the way I like. The other types of objects can fill a whole book, so we won’t go into them here. Next I click on the editors tab, and click new editor, then I get my pad and start adding the editors I wrote down to my software object 1 at a time, being careful to give them all unique names to avoid any errors or conflicts, and choosing the type of editor it is, ‘text’ ‘memo’ ‘currency’ ‘numeric’, ‘check-box’, radio box, drop-down box, and the list goes on. You can even add hyperlinks with your affiliate links in them right inside the software. I just add an editor then click save and new and add the next one, going down my whole list until I have added all my fields.

And with that, my software object is done. Now it’s time to create a Software project to add my object to. Software Projects can contain as many software objects as needed, and the database created with these projects can hold up to 4TB of data. Software objects are also reusable in other projects, so you have unlimited design capabilities.

So now we move onto the Software project section of the builder, give our software project a name, and description for our own use. Check off whether or not to let it be brand-able (yes you can create software that other companies can re-brand with their own logos splash screens etc.). Then we give our software a title, version, pick a skin to use, give it a category, and help file path. Choose the icon we want to use, and choose our splash screen.

On the installation tab, we enter our company info, website, help URL, update URL, installation password if needed, compression mode (this is where we decide how the installation files will be packaged, from compressed web exe to uncompressed directory layout), and whether or not to create a desktop  or quick launch icon or both upon installation.

On the next tab we can decide if we want to allow trial usage, how many trials, and we can add a Trial Activation Serial if we want, and we can add some HTML to the box there that we can use to add an opt in box to the splash screen of the trial splash. Very useful for building a list of subscribers in your chosen niche.

Now we go to the bottom section and add our software object by clicking the + sign and selecting the software object we created earlier. Click save, and now at the top of this new software creator, we go to the miscellaneous tab and click Run.

Our software will now execute, so we can perform the final layout.

We start by selecting our software object in the Navigation menu on the side, and click new. This brings up our software object for customization. We right click in between objects and select ‘Customize Layout’ , this mode allows us to Drag and Drop our fields or editors anywhere we want them to be situated. We can group a few together, group them all together, add blank space, separators, add tabs, add tabs to tabs, the sky is the limit here when it come to the visual design of our software.

Once we have it all laid out the way we like it, we hit the close button, and when it asks to save we say no, unless we are adding pre-filled data to our app, then we save it.

Once you are done either adding data or not, its time to create our executable, and its as easy as hitting ‘create set-up’ button next to the ‘run’ button we used earlier, and naming our file. this new software creator then builds your executable files for you to distribute to your clients.

I hope this helps you see how easy it is to create your own software with this new software creator. The software you create can be sold or given away for free or with trial uses. You can also export layouts and give them to others to re-brand as their own. The uses are endless.

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